Playground, Garden and Mural projects bring out the best of ILC

Good things are happening at ILC this summer (read the full press release here):

  • ILC preschool student enjoys the new swingset

    A playground for our preschool students is now installed and in full swing.  ILC raised money from the community and coordinated volunteer efforts to level the land, put up a fence and secure the equipment. This contribution is not only for ILC kids;  neighborhood children enjoy the swings every day.

  • ILC students help out in Urban Eden community garden

    ILC students and staff planted seeds, pulled weeds, and harvested vegetables in the Urban Eden community garden just west of the new playground. Urban Eden garden includes people from two multicultural neighborhood parishes –Central United Methodist and St. Paul’s Lutheran; Marquette Students for an Environmentally Active Campus (SEAC); and other neighbors.

  • ILC Student Cin Muan's face is one of 24 portraits in a neighborhood mural installed this summer. Cin Muan grows squash and beans in the Urban Eden community garden. Read his story on our STUDENT STORIES page.

    ILC participated in the Urban Eden INSIDE OUT mural, a global art project, bringing faces of staff and students to the garden wall.

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