Citizenship Program Update: Overcoming Challenges

A report by teacher Song Xiong

Citizenship students at ILC often begin the class with little confidence that they could pass the naturalization test. We study together two hours a week for a semester, doing mock interviews, practicing sentence dictation and reviewing American History and civic questions that are asked at random during the test.  Even with practice, the students remain nervous on test day.

However, on Thursday, August 19th, 2010, I, Teacher Song, stood in the Milwaukee Courthouse of the Federal Building and watched as five students raised their right hands and became citizens of the United States of America by taking an Oath of Allegiance. With dedication and commitment, each of the five students walked out with a smile from ear-to- ear and a Naturalization certificate in hand. They offered their thanks and gave me hugs. Great job students! You are now citizens of the United States!

Twelve ILC students have become citizens this year: Siidi Yare, Toua Her, Ka Ying Xiong, Xee Yang, Chong Pao Lor, Lao Vue Lor, Chou Lor, Nou Lor, Mai Kaying Lee, Robert S. Komano , Thao Yee Vue. Another dozen are on deck for this fall.

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