Citizenship: “This is what it’s all about!”

New citizen Mee Thao celebrates with Instructor Song Xiong, right, and Program Manager Anna Bierer, left.

On Sunday Dec. 4th ILC hosted a celebration for  students who became citizens in 2011.  Participation in the program nearly doubled this year, thanks to Instructor Song Xiong’s efforts in recruiting students, training volunteers, and developing a curriculum that addresses the needs of English language learners and emerging literacy students.

About 30 citizens and their family members came for lunch.  Mike Bennett from Cambridge University Press, Madison office, generously sponsored the lunch, with additional donations  from an anonymous volunteer.  Reema Ahmad, deputy registrar in Milwaukee County from Project Mobilize spoke to the attendees about registering to vote and helped 5 people register to vote.

Program Manager Anna Bierer with new citizen Janai Idow

Program Manager Anna Bierer shares her enthusiasm for this milestone:

“This picture is of me and one of my first students at ILC.  Three of my students from January 2005 were at the celebration.  I am very proud of these students and their accomplishments.

Becoming a citizen is a journey.  These individuals studied English, writing, history and civics.  All of this in addition to working and raising children.  I applaud their efforts and the support of teachers, volunteers, friends and family members who helped them.  This is what it’s all about!”

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