Leadership, Life Lessons, & More: Baseball The Ripken Way


Four Neighborhood House boys flew off to Maryland this summer, joining kids from across the country in the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation’s summer leadership program (#‎CRSFCamp).  Participants Antonio, Emam, Douglas, and Thomas (ages 10-13) were selected by staff for demonstrating key Neighborhood House values such as respect for others and self, listening, following directions, being a good leader, as well as good attendance during school year and/or summer. Teen Program leader Ronnie Madison accompanied the kids as they experienced many “firsts” – first time on an airplane, for example – and received awards for their achievements. (Thanks, Ronnie, for these photos!)

The Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation helps build character and teach critical life lessons to young people residing in underserved communities through baseball- and softball-themed programs such as Badges for Baseball. Their week-long summer camp is a way for deserving young people to learn baseball The Ripken Way, while simultaneously developing life-long character traits that will help them become leaders and continue on the path to success. Programming for the week long camp includes rigorous physical exercise: morning  warm-up drills like ladders and lateral hurdle jumps, technical lessons in batting, base running, throwing and catching. After lunch, a game incorporates and reinforces all those techniques.

Lessons in life skills come from a variety of presenters, including law enforcement officers and National Guard members who serve as coaches, and talk about the work they do – everything from photography to nursing and computer tech. These lessons in teamwork, leadership, respect, and communication are aimed at helping kids be successful not only in the game of baseball, but also in the game of life.

•  Some years Neighborhood House sends girls, some years boys  – you can read about last year’s boys here, and the 2013 girls here.

Neighborhood House has a long and special relationship with Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation: NH’s youth Badges for Baseball program was cited as one of the best in the country and earned “best practice” status, as well as Affiliate Status with the Foundation. Congratulations, guys, for your hard work and achievements!

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