Out and About

Thanks in part to funding from Milwaukee Peace Corps Association, students had several outings this semester:

Mitchell Park Domes, February 2011– Adult students and preschoolers enjoyed seeing familiar plants from their homes in Africa and Southeast Asia. Most participants had never visited the Domes before, so this was an opportunity for them to learn about a place they can bring their families in Milwaukee.

Maple Sugar Farm, March 2011– Students went to Neighborhood House’s Outdoor Education site in in Ashipun where NH’s outdoor educators walked them through the process of tapping the trees, collecting sap, making it into syrup, and of course eating it! They also hiked and enjoyed sledding in the woods.

Central Milwaukee Public Library, March 2011– Adult students and preschoolers toured the library and learned about its resources and the check-out process. The preschoolers played in the puppet theater, climbed in the play tower and listened to the instructor read books.


Urban Eden, a community garden, is taking root right in ILC’s backyard. Students are growing vegetables side by side with fellow gardeners from Marquette’s Students for an Environmentally Active Campus, congregants from St. Paul’s Lutheran and Central United Methodist Churches, and ILC neighbors.

Representatives from the Family Nutrition Education Program helped preschool parents completed a six week course in healthy eating.

Guest Speakers from the Milwaukee Police Department made two appearances at ILC this semester, answering students questions about gun use, self defense, traffic safety, civil rights and other issues.

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