The Safe Zone Summit

WE COME IN PEACE summitTeens from Neighborhood House of Milwaukee hosted a community forum, WE COME IN PEACE: The Safe Zone Summit, on Friday, May 29th, 2015 from 5 to 8pm. Guest speakers include gun violence survivors and witnesses, law enforcement officers from District 3, and performances by Neighborhood House teens reflecting on their concerns.

Recent surges in gun violence, combined with stark racial disparities in the criminal justice system and the nation’s highest incarceration rate, have made many in Milwaukee justifiably concerned about their safety as summer approaches. Teens on the city’s near west side are taking the lead in a peace building effort bringing together youth, neighbors, and community liaison officers in dialog. “Neighborhood House is proud of our teens who are working with neighbors and local business to try to change the atmosphere of fear and violence that makes parents afraid to let their kids out to play or go to the corner store,” says Neighborhood House Executive Director Jeff Martinka. “Change begins when we are challenged to act and think differently, and our youth are in a position to make that challenge.”

For more information, call Neighborhood House Teen Program Supervisor James Austin at 414.933.6161 Ext.137,

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