The Magnificent Treehouse Murals

Young painter This Earth Week we’re celebrating the magnificent Treehouse Murals, a great example of S.T.E.A.M.-powered learning at Neighborhood House. S.T.E.A.M is scientific inquiry fueled by arts and humanities ( S.T.E.A.M = Science + Technology + Engineering + Arts + Math). The Treehouse Mural Project underscores the strong tradition of environmental education at Neighborhood House. Created by Milwaukee artist Andrew Parchman, the suite of murals make up a comparative study of the world’s biomes – from rainforests to alpine meadows. Neighborhood House participants of all ages had a hand in painting the flora and fauna of each biome, while learning about different ecosystems around the world – right here in our light-filled renovated third-floor learning space.  See photos of the Treehouse Murals open house event on our facebook page. Mural funding was provided by Norma E. & Eugene J. Hayman Charitable Fund.


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