Top Rated and Proud!

Neighborhood House Early Childhood Services officially secured a 5 star rating this month from Youngstar, putting the agency in the top 10% of child care providers in the state, top 6% in Milwaukee. youngstar_logo_220x166

YoungStar is a program of the WI Department of Children and Families that evaluates the quality of care given by regulated child care providers through ratings from 1 to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the highest. Ratings are reviewed annually, and are based on categories of Education Qualifications and Training; Learning Environment and Curriculum; Professional and Business Practices; and Child Health and Well-Being Practices. A higher rating improves an agency’s reputation, and increases its reimbursement rates for Wisconsin Shares which can be critical for financial solvency.

Our 5 star rating is the result of coordinated efforts by Early Childhood staff, and by facilities and business office staff. “We are proud of our teachers for the quality of care they provide, and for going above and beyond state standards,” said Phan Sanford, Early Childhood Services Manager.  

“It’s all connected,” added Neighborhood House Executive Director Jeff Martinka, “from the classroom teachers to the people who make the building welcoming, provide healthy meals and snacks, and ensure the books are in good order– everyone at Neighborhood House contributes to making this a first-rate environment for early childhood education.” 

The YoungStar 5 status follows Neighborhood House’s designation last year as an Early Head Start partner with Next Door, part of a major federal effort to improve access to high-quality infant and toddler care in high-need communities. As part of this Head Start effort, Neighborhood House will undertake a $60k playground rebuild beginning in June 2016.

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