Thank You to our NBA Fans!

Imagine Neighborhood House’s surprise when dozens of gifts from unknown donors came into our possession. The morning of May 3rd’s Milwaukee Bucks versus Boston Celtics game proved contentious among the Twittersphere, and one Celtics fan asked his followers to “turn this [situation] into a positive”. Mike Vaughan, or @SteveMerkle9, urged others to donate to Neighborhood House and then post their gifts. By 2pm CT, over $850 had been raised by those on the East Coast, with gifts ranging from $3 to $250. As word spread, Bucks fans also gave, and the mean-spirited rivalry seemed to cease as tweets of support for NH and each other poured in. By the game’s end, over $1,400 had been generously raised for Milwaukee children and families. We are incredibly grateful and humbled by this support!

See the official Press Release here.
Read the Journal Sentinel article on this event.

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