Recognizing NH’s Lead & Learn Conservation Corps

Neighborhood House is honored to have been recognized by two amazing foundations in the last few weeks. Both received grant proposals focusing on our Lead & Learn Conservation Corp, which we aim to expand from 12 to 25 interns. A component of our outdoor & environmental education programming, the Lead & Learn Conservation Corp introduces urban 14-26 year olds to environmental science, conservation, and green jobs. There is also a mentorship component, as they will personally experience and then teach younger NH participants a variety of environmental subjects, including flora and fauna identification, ecosystem and animal monitoring, sustainable gardening and habitat creation, composting, bird counts, and aquaponic gardening.  The majority of this work will take place at our 93-acre Nature Center located in Dodge County. Acquired in the 1960’s, the Nature Center is the physical embodiment of a decades- long dedication to teaching minority, urban youth about the great outdoors- an essential part of whom we are as an organization. This program will also propel young adults into green careers, where people of color are grossly underrepresented. Neighborhood House is excited to live out our historic focus in a way that develops our participants into eco-minded and job-ready citizens.

American Honda Foundation, a national foundation, reviews hundreds of grant proposals each quarter and then flies out a representative to visit finalists in person. After a wonderful visit with the American Honda Foundation representative, we are excited to announce that our Lead & Learn Conservation Corp program was awarded a generous $70,000 grant! We are overjoyed and appreciative to the American Honda Foundation for this opportunity to improve upon our life-changing Lead & Learn Conservation Corp.

In additional good news, on June 6th, 2018, Impact100 awarded $17,000 towards the expansion of our Lead & Learn Conservation Corp. Held at the Italian Community Center, Impact100 hosted a beautiful ceremony that highlighted several powerful Milwaukee nonprofits.

We are so honored by this incredible recognition from national and local audiences- thank you to all who have contributed to the successful and ongoing funding of our Lead & Learn Conservation Corp!

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