Fearless Leaders: Nature Interns Walk on the Wild Side


“I never knew there were mountain lions in Wisconsin!” said Katrina Roxas, one of four environmental education interns at Neighborhood House. Discoveries like this are part and parcel of the outdoor education experience at Neighborhood House.

This summer, Lead & Learn Nature Camp for Urban Kids kicks off with 300 kids from Neighborhood House, Agape, COA, and other community centers. Led by Lead Environmental Educator Niki Espy and four talented peer interns, kids will learn fun facts about Wisconsin mammals, what they need to survive, and how human interactions impact their survival. Students will be observing, tracking, measuring and monitoring, with an emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving. These scientific investigations will be paired with arts and cultural activities exploring how the human experience is shaped by its relationships with wildlife.

Thanks to the  Helen Bader FoundationForest County Potawatomi Foundation, and our many generous donors for supporting the next generation of environmental stewards.

>>> For more on how NH kids are connecting with nature – and a glimpse of NH intern Christina Hill in action –  see this 2013 US Forest Service Urban Connections video.



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